Pandemic Journal

I STARTED KEEPING a daily diary that centered on the Coronavirus pandemic in late February, 2020. It is a personal record of my days, which often include impacts of Covid-19, although to date I have been fortunate not to encounter the virus directly.


I also write down one or more news headlines every day, something that strikes me. And because I was reading Daniel Defoe's "Journal of the Plague Year," in the early days of my journal, I sometimes quote from Defoe's 1721 work, passages that resonate, often eerily, nearly 300 years later.

Early days: increasing awareness of the coronavirus

The virus hits Italy full force
By late February, we realize we'll have to cancel our spring trip to Italy
Anxiety, apprehension
Parliamo del virus in Italia
Covid-19 in Washington State
Last cafe for a long while
Lockdown in all of Italy
Back home: stocking up
No hugs or handshakes
Fauci: Flatten the curve
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NINE PAGES, NINETEEN DAYS OF CORONAVIRUS: We follow the shocking news in Italy, cancel our forthcoming trip there and drive from Southern California to our home in Bellingham, Washington -- as everything changes.

February 24 to March 13.

Covid-19 in Washington State