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Christian Science Monitor, March 28, 2001

A perfectly ripened pear is a delight to the palate, with a delicate, aromatic flavor and a tender, smooth texture. . .But the pear resists ease of enjoyment. As with so many luxuries, the perfectly ripened pear seems always just out of reach, maddeningly elusive.

Christian Science Monitor, May 30, 2001

If you'd told any of these hardy cooks that they needed a marble rolling pin, a food processor, or a copper biscuit-cutter, they'd have laughed in your face. Biscuits were unpretentious, like the people who ate them.

Salon, February 8, 2000

“You’ve got to taste the Micucci family meatballs,” Rick said one day, invoking the name of his maternal family. He knew that I’d protest — I was a vegetarian.

Edible Ojai and Ventura, Summer, 2013

"I rely on lemons every day—yet a dozen years ago I had no idea just how essential they were to me."

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