Italiano word-pictures

I've been trying to learn Italian for longer than I care to admit. (Not that I regret any of the attempt or the learning; just that my speaking abilities don't indicate the years I've spent!) Lately, I've been reading interviews, simple articles and children's books, and trying to absorb a few words at a time, along with a couple idioms and related words. Sometimes I am learning different expressions and meanings for words I already know in a different context. I recently started drawing the word-pictures below, mainly as a way to spend more time with those words so they might establish themselves more firmly in my memory. It helps. A little, anyway!

Allaciare, annodare, spingere

La chiave, il percorso, girare

Consapevolezza, senno di poi, legato

Lasciare, appartenere, cima, lasso

Piegare, rizzare, inghiottire, il fegato

Volgere, svolgere, travolgere, ecc.