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Pages from my travel journals

My travel journals began when I was in my twenties (in the 1970s), with "A Fruit Tramp's Journal with illustrations, 1975-1978" and a sketchbook with notes and drawings of our migratory journeys.

I was surely inspired, subconciously, by the scrapbooks my mother kept of our family vacations every summer, usually to Michigan or Wisconsin. They were composed of her drawings and notes, pictures by the children, plants and flowers (with the exception of the leaf pictured above, these have not held up well), photos and scraps of brochures, paper napkins and other ephemera.


Below are some pages from the travel journals I've kept in the past couple decades. They include various places in Italy as well as Turkey, Switzerland, England, France and Germany. Also Montana, San Francisco and Carpinteria, California.

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